4 Unique Ways Creadits is Solving Issues faced by Advertisers and Creative Talent

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While the online creative marketplace is nothing new, it seems the same old problems continue to hinder both advertisers and creators alike, and these need new solutions. 

Relationships between these advertisers and the talent they need can be far from smooth sailing: between conflict over payment, disparate opportunities and salaries over geographical regions, and matching manpower and demand, navigating these waters can be tricky.

Creadits works to eliminate these barriers between advertisers and creative individuals, so both parties can work together to produce a quality final product that they’re proud of.

#1 – Sourcing Creative Services from Multiple Providers

Advertisers looking for talent to create their ad can often spend hours looking to find the right fit for what they need.

As different solutions require different providers, those looking for help with a Facebook ad will be searching amongst different designers than those looking for an agency with expertise in photography.

Not only this, payment methods and currencies will differ across sources, adding more to what can fast become a lengthy process.

Creadits not only makes life significantly easier for advertisers by consolidating the types of talent advertisers require, but it also uses a unified currency that subscribing companies can exchange for any service from copywriting, to graphic design, or to photography.

#2 – What Advertisers Should be Paying for

Another barrier that has emerged between creators and the advertisers that hire their services is competing ideas of on what basis should payment be made.

Many copywriters or designers like to be paid by the hour, for example, whereas advertisers prefer to pay per final quality product that they receive.

With Creadits, this conflict is eliminated by having full transparency through the whole process: advertisers can see exactly what they can expect to receive in return for their exchangeable Creadits.

#3 – Unequal Terms of Payment for Same Work

Through its online platform and standardized payment system, Creadits is also able to eliminate the disparity seen across geographical locations in job opportunities and salary.

While a designer based in New York, a city booming with advertising activity and generous wages, can make upwards of $5,000 pcm, a designer of the same ability and talent would struggle to make $500 in emerging economies like India or the Philippines.

Not only does Creadits solve the issue of disparate opportunities across different countries by offering its platform as a global marketplace, it also makes sure the talent is paid fairly for all of the work they do.

#4 – Fluctuating Demand for Ads

One of the most universal problems that advertisers face whilst building quality ads is managing demand and manpower throughout varying times of the year.

While the weeks around Black Friday and Christmas bring more activity in e-commerce and digital advertising, other times of the year do not require the same amount of promotional output.

Creadits offers its subscribers the ability to scale up or down the amount of monthly Creadits they pay for and exchange on the platform for any advertising needs. This means that firms are not unnecessarily paying for excess manpower when times are quieter, and that they are not overworked when the demand is high.

Creadits’ overarching aim is to create an open and fair marketplace that benefits both the advertisers and the talent they require.

No longer do they have to deal with the competitive and unfair system that has been commonplace til now, whereby projects are submitted by numerous creative designers but only one is selected, which often results in less effort going into each submission.

Using Creadits, advertisers and the creators alike are able to fairly and efficiently develop reciprocal relationships which result in quality final products that both parties are happy with.