Case Study: Basico makes a statement with 50% increase in E-Commerce revenue

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“Videos are of utmost importance to fashion advertising success. Creadits’ solution offers us an innovative tool to frequently refresh our creatives at scale, and prioritize it as a critical format.”

– Anderson Almeida , Online Marketing Manager, Basico

What does Basico do

Founded in 2012, Basico is Brazil’s first online-only premium basic apparel brand.

With a minimalist and elegant design philosophy, and using only the highest grade natural materials, the brand focuses on delivering superior quality in terms of fabrics, fitting, comfort and durability of day-by-day functional garments.

From an initial collection of t-shirts, polos, tank tops, and underwear, Basico has since expanded to include more products to suit the tastes of style-conscious Brazilians, while continuing to cut out the middleman in apparel production to provide value for customers.

What are their business goals

Basico wanted to increase their number of new e-commerce customers and unlock more revenue from Facebook and Google Display advertising.

To do so, they were targeting a lookalike audience of their current customers, who are largely fashionable, working women between 20 to 50 years old, and getting them to sign up for newsletters. This pool of subscribers were then led further down the funnel to consideration and finally conversion, with a series of further digital ads.

What were the challenges they faced

Basico’s creative needs were supported by their in-house design team prior to working to Creadits. Given the varying volume of ads required from month to month, their designers found themselves stretched to produce enough ad creatives at times. The range of ad sizes and formats  across Facebook and Google Display campaigns was also difficult to keep up with.

While video ads were proving to be the most effective, they took a substantial amount of time and effort for Basico’s design team to produce. Without a consistent supply of fresh creatives, it was challenging to avoid ad fatigue and keep campaigns running at peak performance over time.

The only way for Basico to determine which ad creative would deliver the best results for them was through multiple rounds of A/B testing. This took up a substantial portion of their monthly media budget, which could have been spent on acquiring customers instead.

How Creadits provided the solution

Scalable Creative Production in Any Format

Creadits’ extensive network of designers was on hand to support the Basico design team whenever they required additional creatives.

Creative for Google Display Network

Boasting an acclaimed portfolio from working on global brands such as Nike and eBay,  our designers added both quantity and quality to Basico’s creative production. Their skills and experience in producing ads for multiple platforms allowed Basico to run effective campaigns on both Facebook and Google Display Network.

Fast Turnaround, even for Video

In just 48 to 72 hours of receiving a request, Creadits’ designers would deliver fresh creatives based on Basico’s unique ad campaign objectives and needs. Aside from static images in various sizes for the different Facebook and Google ad units, videos were produced within this fast turnaround time as well.


Basico was impressed with the efficiency of our designers, and the quality of the videos we produced far exceeded their design team’s expectations. The increased speed and volume of video production allowed them to refresh their digital advertising campaigns frequently for optimal performance.

AI Predicted Performance

Creadits’ AI-powered Ad Analyzer is available for free online, and allows advertisers to test if their existing creatives would perform based on its composition and the campaign audience and objectives it would be used for. After trying it for themselves, Basico was convinced that we could provide a higher level of precision when it came to selecting creatives for the best possible return on ad spend (ROAS).

Since Basico started working with Creadits, every one of their new creatives was analyzed by an even more advanced version of our AI and ranked according to predicted performance with up to 87% accuracy. Using this rating as a reference, Basico reduced the amount of time and money spent to identify the best ad creatives for each of their campaigns.

Basico’s results from using Creadits

– Over 50 video creatives produced over 3 months

– 60% increase in newsletter subscription rate

– 50% increase in monthly revenue