Case Study: Yes.Fit races ahead with 3x ROAS from their campaigns

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“The results speak for themselves – we managed to convert users we would have lost otherwise. Creadits has helped to create additional revenue while reducing the strain on our team.”

– Kevin Transue, Co-Founder & CEO, Yes.Fit


What does Yes.Fit do

Based in Florida, Yes.Fit is a fitness company which creates virtual running experiences around well-loved places, stories and heroes. These include literary and geographical themes such as Alice in Wonderland’s journey through Oxford and the 59.5 mile road down the picturesque Hana Highway in Hawaii. By integrated fitness with entertainment, Yes.Fit aims to inspire an active lifestyle and has succeeded in getting its users to log over millions of miles thus far.

What are their business goals

Yes.Fit wanted to increase their number of app installs and more importantly, activate existing users to make in-app purchases.

What were the challenges they faced

Yes.Fit was launching many paid advertising campaigns on an ongoing basis, in order to keep up the pace at which the company was growing. This placed the team under additional stress as they had to produce a high volume of ad creatives to drive campaign performance over time.

It was also difficult for Yes.Fit to identify which creatives they should use to the required campaign objectives from their ads. Relying on subjective opinion did not guarantee results and could end up wasting valuable media budget.

Lastly, the team was starting to run out of ideas after working tirelessly on the same campaigns for months at a go. A review of the overall creative strategy would be necessary to prevent ad fatigue from affecting performance negatively.

How Creadits provided the solution


Strategic Creative Vision to Guide Campaigns

 A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), David Flynn, was assigned to Yes.Fit to provide his input on creative strategy and inject fresh ideas into ad campaigns.

David’s wealth of experience working with an extensive portfolio of clients proved invaluable for Yes.Fit. Guided by his vision, the company improved upon their existing campaigns and successfully expanded into new markets, creative formats and placements.


Scalable Creative Production with Fast Turnaround

Yes.Fit could now rely on Creadits’ global network of designers to meet their urgent need for a high volume of quality creatives. Within 48 to 72 hours of receiving a brief, our designers  would deliver fresh creatives in either static or video format and tailored to meet the unique campaign objectives at hand.

This helped to free up resources for Yes.Fit so the team could focus on the message, delivery and performance of the campaigns instead of rushing to meet creative production deadlines.

Yes.Fit’s results from using Creadits

 84% increase in CTR

– 69% reduction in Cost per Install (CPI) from $13 to $4

– 3X Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) overall