Creadits Success Story: inkbox Creates Pain-Free Campaigns

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“Creadits allows us to provide fresh content in our campaigns without having to worry about performance. This is critical to our success as a company. In addition, they provide us with the ability to be proactive with our creative needs to refresh an ad set before its performance starts to tail off. Having the ability to plan in advance to maintain our business goals and objectives is essential.”

– Brodie Mazurek, Marketing Strategist, inkbox


inkbox is the world’s first, semi-permanent tattoo. Based in Toronto, Ontario, inkbox was founded by brothers Tyler and Braden Handley in February 2015. Since then, inkbox has shipped over 50,000 tattoos to customers in over 100 countries around the world. inkbox donates a percentage of every sale to the Darién Initiative, which supports local indigenous tribes in the Darién Gap, Panama.


inkbox had a good amount of user-generated content but very few ads. They were focusing on new customer acquisition but were experiencing some ad fatigue on Facebook. It was becoming more expensive to reach their target audience due to a declining quality score. They needed resources for their user-generated content to be repurposed into ad variations that could help them perform better in Facebook’s ad auction.


To increase brand awareness and reduce Facebook ad campaign costs.


Smart Creative Production

Creadits’ global pool of over 10,000 designers is trained to create high-performing online ad creatives. With access to this talent, inkbox was able to turn their raw user-generated content into engaging ad creatives in a short amount of time.


Constant Creative Management

Underperforming ads were detected and swapped out for  new ones and Creadits designers were prompted to produce more ads whenever creative performance drop was detected.


– High ad relevance scores of 7 to 10 achieved

– 30% uplift in overall relevance score

– 10% decrease in CPM

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