Facebook Successes: BestSecret triples Creative Volume for E-Commerce Growth

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“We saw a definite improvement in CTR and a decrease in our ad frequency on Facebook, both of which we were aiming for. Scaling creative production also became much easier and faster than before since we started using Creadits.”

– Rahul Gupta, Head of Online Marketing, BestSecret

What does BestSecret do

Founded in 2007, BestSecret is Europe’s most exclusive online shopping community. Over 5 million products from more than 3,000 designer brands are available at up to 80% discounts on their platform. Unlike other e-commerce retailers, membership at BestSecret is by invitation only. This allows BestSecret to negotiate for the best deals while guaranteeing maximum protection for their suppliers.

What are their business goals

BestSecret wanted to target existing customers through limited-time promotions on their Facebook campaigns. The company wanted to achieve this goal with a higher CTR as well as a lower CPC and CPO.

What were the challenges they faced

A few weeks after the launch of a new campaign, BestSecret realized the frequency of their Facebook ads had increased to between 3 and 5. Ad fatigue had set in – their target audience was seeing the same ads too often and they were no longer effective.

BestSecret turned to their in-house design team for fresh creatives, but it was too much work for them to produce new ad creatives on a weekly basis. The next option was to work with freelancers. This was not ideal either as they faced issues with getting a high volume of quality creatives on time.

How Creadits provided the solution

Scalable Creative Production with Fast Turnaround

Taking their brand requirements and target audience into account, BestSecret was matched with a select group of designers from our strong global talent network. These designers were chosen for their ability to produce quality creatives aligned to the overall BestSecret brand.

Within just 72 hours of receiving a brief from BestSecret, our designers build fresh variations of ad creatives and breathed new life into previously used templates. This was a marked improvement in productivity for BestSecret, as they could now count on Creadits for scalable production of quality creatives with faster turnaround.

Smart Creative Management

BestSecret could select the creatives they needed from the Creadits platform and download them directly. As soon as they detected any drop in ad performance, the underperforming ad creative is automatically swapped out for a fresh creative. This ensured BestSecret’s Facebook campaigns could sustain their peak performance over an extended period of time.

BestSecret’s results from using Creadits

– 3x monthly volume of quality ad creatives, compared to before using Creadits

– 20% increase in CTR, sustained over a campaign period of more than three months

– 35% reduction in cost per result from Facebook campaigns

– 60% improvement in ad frequency from an average of 5 to 2

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