Festive design trends 2019

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What you need to know

  • According to Tapjoy, 72% of gamers intend to download a new game during the holiday season.
  • “Global shoppers buy earlier throughout Black Week – 50% of holiday shopping was complete by Monday, 3 Dec 2018,” says Kate Walters, Executive Planning Director and Head of Strategy at digital agency Swirl McGarryBowen.
  • Mobile games/apps and retail/shopping ranked among the top 5 types of ads consumers are most likely to click on during the holidays.

Seasonal design trends

Black (and White) Friday

Minimalistic, monochromatic looks help to cut through the noise for the upcoming onslaught of ads this Black Friday. They help draw the eye directly to the main subject of your ads.

Cyber-netic Monday

Offer a glimpse into the future with vivid colour palettes, bold “neon light effect” fonts and futuristic patterns.

Blue Christmas

Green, red and gold may be traditional festive colours, and will always be evident, but blue has joined the party for 2019. Think deep midnight blues, aquamarine hues and ceruleans as both main and accent colours. The result brings a touch of whimsy and glamour. Use with a muted green and red to tie it all together.

e-Commerce design trends


Moving pictures numbers

Numbers don’t have to be boring. Experiment with GIFs, shapes and other objects to make your discounts jump out of your promotional ads.

Mobile app design trends


Compare and contrast, irony makes memories that last

Slapstick humour isn’t the only way to go. Play around with ironic scenarios or an unlikely pairing of contrasting characters for that extra punch in your ads.