Pixie Puzzledom differentiates itself by identifying gamer motivations

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Client: Easy Joy

Game Title: Pixie Puzzledom

Pixie Puzzledom is a match-3 mobile game where players find and match puzzle elements to unlock powerful magic boosters and solve challenging levels. Alongside elemental pixies, players help rebuild, create and unlock a mythical floating archipelago above the sky.


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Business Challenge:

When Easy Joy geared up for the launch of their match-3 puzzle game in the United States and Europe, they were faced with a multitude of challenges:

  1. Breaking into a market saturated with games of a similar genre 
  2. Figuring out a way to stand out from big players and their competitors
  3. Overcoming ever increasing media costs and driving their targeted CPA

Easy Joy quickly realised that they needed to look beyond prevalent game marketing strategies and hence wanted to start leveraging Facebook’s targeting algorithms

As they needed more time and effort to devise campaigns with higher conversion rates, this meant they would incur higher Facebook campaign spending.


Creative Solution:

Creadits devised a creative messaging strategy that would appeal to different types of gamers and sub-audiences by:


  1. Conducting research on several gamer motivations
  2. Pairing each user’s motivation with distinctive creative concepts based on the game’s USPs.
  3. Creating a range of visual directions aligned with each concept
Gamer Motivations The satisfaction of daily progress Novelty of new features within a game Participates in character led narratives that is weaved into gameplay Enjoys the element of mystery within crime fiction
Creative Concept
Idea 1: What Is Your Element?

Gaming reward systems allows players to feel accomplished and satisfied while giving them a sense of progress.

Pixie Puzzledom allows players to collect pixies with different elements, and allows them to choose and play with their favourites. This showcases diversity and layers within the game.
Idea 2: Pixie Roulette

This idea features a roulette metric that allows players to spin a wheel to get a booster that will allow them to complete their levels easier, and change up how they play the game.
Idea 3: Pixies Save the Island

Pixies are an integral part of the game. In this instance, pixies work together to allow the player to protect the floating island against mysterious forces.

Players become more invested in the game upon knowing the story better and having an emotional connection with elements within the game.
Idea 4: Agent Pixies

While Pixie Puzzledom has an outwardly cute and animated appearance, it is a game that has many facets that would appeal to a variety of players.

For those that enjoy mystery, the game contains elements that resemble a spy thriller, be it in the gameplay or even the overarching narrative, that would intrigue both new and returning players.

By identifying specific user personas and gamer motivations within varied markets, Creadits was thus able to optimise user acquisition while keeping costs low.


Pixies Save the Island

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Creative Elements that led to Pixie Puzzledom's success:

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