Snapchat Ads: How to Reach Millennials in Their Backyard

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Did you know that Snapchat now has more than 60 million users in the US and Canada? On top of that, it’s been found that millennials and college students prefer Snapchat to other major social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to reach young people, it’s clear that Snapchat is the place to be. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to getting started with Snapchat advertising.

Create Video Snap Ads

The simplest way to start advertising on Snapchat is with a video ad, which can be up to 10 seconds long and is played in between users’ Snapchat Stories or between premium content on the Discover page. If 10 seconds isn’t long enough, you can purchase sequential ads to play one after the other.

Snap Ads offer four different add-ons which allow users to swipe up and get more information while viewing your ad. You can link to an article, an app download page, a longer video or a web page.

When you create an ad using the Snapchat Ad Manager, you’ll be given access to a range of targeting options, which we’ve explained below.

Target Ads Using Snapchat Data

Snapchat lets you target ads using the following categories:

• Age group

• Gender

• Location

• Device

• Lifestyle category

This allows you to quickly and easily hone in on the exact audience you’re looking to target, without wasting your ad spend on people who won’t be interested.

Target Ads Using Your Own Data

You can also target ads by integrating your own data, which helps you to retarget existing customers.

The options are:

• Snap Audience Match. Share email addresses and advertise directly to these users on Snapchat.

• Lookalike Audiences. Snapchat uses data from your email list to target similar audiences.

• Snap Engagement Audience. Snapchat targets users who have previously interacted with your content on the platform.

Target Ads Using Third-party Data

You can also take advantage of third-party data to target users based on their activity outside of Snapchat.

Based on your needs, you can choose from:

• DLX Advanced Demographics. Target users based on categories including education level and household income.

• DLX Shopper Categories. Target users based on purchase history.

• ComScore’s TV and Film Viewers. Target users based on the TV and films they watch.

• PlaceIQ Location Visitors. Target users based on where they are.

This powerful third-party data is especially useful if you don’t yet have much of your own data to use.

Monitor Ad Performance

To make sure that your ads are performing well, you can access in-depth analytics via the Snapchat Ad Manager.

These include details on:

• Number of ad impressions

• Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

• Number of video views

• Cost per video view

• Average time spent watching your ad

• Conversion rate (CVR)

• Cost per conversion

• Demographics of users who engaged

Monitoring these advertising metrics allows you to make changes to your campaigns based on solid data.

Buy Sponsored Lenses

Part of Snapchat’s appeal comes from the fact that you don’t have to stick solely to video advertising. With Sponsored Lenses, you can create augmented reality graphics which fix to a person’s face or surroundings when they use Snapchat to take pictures.

Lenses can range from cute rabbit ears to rainbow vomit animations, so there’s plenty of room to use your imagination when creating a branded lens. Sponsored lenses can cost up to $750,000, but they’re a really effective way to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.

Create Sponsored Geofilters

Geofilters are graphics which can be placed over the top of snaps, and they’re only available when users are in a specific location. This could be a certain type of store, like Starbucks, or a one-off place, like the location of a music festival.

Sponsored geofilters are a great way to build hype around an event, encourage visitors to share the fact that they’re there, and boost brand awareness. Good ad design is important when it comes to geofilters – the cooler they look, the more likely people are to use them.

Create On-demand Geofilters

On-demand geofilters are a budget-friendly alternative to sponsored geofilters. They’re available to cover small locations for short periods of time, and can cost as little as a few dollars.

On-demand geofilters are a great way to experiment with Snapchat advertising for the first time, since they’re quick and easy to create and don’t cost a fortune. You could create an hour-long filter to celebrate your launch party, or a short-term filter to promote a special event at your restaurant.

If your on-demand geofilters perform well, you could consider investing in sponsored geofilters for a wider reach.

Display “Snap to Unlock” Ads in the Real World

Want to combine your Snapchat campaigns with traditional ads in the real world? Creating ads which feature Snapcodes lets users scan them using the Snapchat ad, then unlock special lenses or filters.

Using Snapcodes is a great way to make exclusive content available to customers who visit your store, buy one of your products or attend an event. You can offer location-specific content to users without purchasing sponsored geofilters.

Why Use Snapchat Advertising?

If you’re keen to market your business to a millennial audience, you need to take advantage of Snapchat advertising.

Ad options include video ads, sponsored lenses, geofilters and real-world Snapcodes. You’ll have access to advanced audience targeting options and can monitor the performance of your ads via the Snapchat Ad Manager.

Whichever option you choose, remember that it’s essential to refresh your Snapchat content often. Millennials aren’t impressed by seeing the same ad over and over, so you need to keep things fresh and exciting if you want to hold their attention. Find out how ReFUEL4 allows you to automatically refresh your campaigns and avoid ad fatigue by booking a demo with us below!