Creadits Success Story: Clash of Kings Conquered German Market With Online Video Ads

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“Creadits has proven that online video ads coupled with increased creative volume and refresh rate can drive significant results for our online campaigns. Their platform has made the entire process easy and efficient.”
– Demi Yan, Head of Partnerships, ELEX


Clash of Kings from ELEX is one of the hottest cross-platform real-time strategy games. Awarded Facebook’s 2015 Game of the Year, Clash of Kings has 50 million players worldwide across web and mobile.


ELEX wanted to lower CPI in the German market for Clash of Kings’ mobile app installs. They had a TVC but lacked the resources and ability to repurpose them into online video ad versions quickly.


Higher Creative Volume

With access to Creadits’ global pool of designers, ELEX received 20% higher volume of creatives for their Clash of Kings Facebook ad campaign.

TVC Repurposed

We worked with the ELEX team to create videos using Clash of King’s TVC and gameplay assets.

Higher Refresh Rate

With sufficient creatives for campaign testing and optimization, ELEX’s underperforming Facebook ads were automatically detected and swapped with new ones to maintain optimal campaign performance.

Creative Renewal

Designers were prompted to produce more ads whenever creative performance drop was detected. This allowed ELEX’s Clash of Kings campaign to continuously perform at an optimal rate.


– 20% higher volume of creative
– 43% reduction in CPI
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