Creadits Success Story: How Game Insight Got Big in Japan Using Localized Creative

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“The briefs completed by Creadits' Asian designers really helped us understand the best practices of the Japanese market, allowing us to craft our localized creative strategy for Japan.”  - Vasily Smetanin, Head of User Acquisition, Game Insight


Game Insight is a leading global innovator of mobile and social games with more than 300 million players worldwide. Their hit game “The Tribez” puts players in the shoes of a tribal chief who’s determined to lead his people to prosperity.


Game Insight wanted to gain traction in Japan for “The Tribez” but lacked the access to native Japanese speakers or designers with experience in designing for this market.



To increase awareness and app installs of “The Tribez” mobile game.


Facebook campaigns ran with a combination of competitor keywords, interests and lookalike audiences.

Localized Creative Production

With access to Creadits’ global pool of designers, Game Insight was able to test a large volume of localized ads to reach out to their target audience in Japan.

Creative Testing

Game Insight tested creatives with different themes, starting with the ones incorporating elements that would work well with the Japanese market. Creative designs had Japanese copy and real-life elements added to them.

The best creatives were selected and used as guidelines to create other briefs for carousel ads and designs that were more Western-styled with real people interacting with gameplay elements.

Constant Creative Refresh

Game Insight could swap out underperforming ads for new ones as soon as there was a dip in results. Designers were prompted to produce even more ads whenever creative performance dropped.

This allowed Game Insight’s campaign to perform continuously at an optimal rate.


● CTR increased by 25%

● Higher CTR resulted in app store traffic increase

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