Want to create and optimise up to 140,000 ads* in under 5 minutes?

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Facebook recently launched a beta of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for advertisers. With DCO  you can now automate A/B testing, using machine learning, to deliver the ideal creative and text match for each individual impression.  In addition to simplifying testing,  by delivering the best ad, title, and CTA combination to each individual user/impression, DCO will also dramatically increase ROI.

We’ve discussed  why A/B testing is important many times before, however it has it’s challenges. A/B is time consuming and costly, and also adds complexity to campaign setup. Additionally it can be difficult to draw accurate conclusions.

So how does  Facebook’s DCO work?

Facebook’s DCO does just what it’s name says – Dynamic Creative Optimization.  

The system takes up to 10 texts, 10 titles, 10 descriptions, and 7 CTAs, as well as up to 20 static and video creatives.  From this initial set of assets, up to 140,000 combinations can be tested one by one against individual users, and machine learning is used to predict which combination will be best for each impression.

In other words, all you need to do is submit your ad assets and select one broad target audience and Facebook will do the rest.  


The next step is for FB’s DCO to automatically create variants of ads and run a sampling of impressions on users from your broad audience.

After about 3 days, the DCO engine will have a strong idea of which combination of texts and titles and creatives should be shown to each user, and ROAS will often rise 3-5x against a split tested audience. 

The Real Power of DCO

While most advertisers will benefit from DCO, the real power of Facebook’s new killer feature can only be realised with large volumes of creatives to feed the machine. That’s where ReFUEL4 comes in, we supply unlimited volumes of static, carousel and video ad creatives to allow for the widest range of testing possible.

How can you start using DCO?

You can use ReFUEL4’s platform to automatically feed in your creative variation assets and let DCO do the rest for you. 

Book a demo with our team to find out exactly how you can start using DCO immediately.  From $1,000 per month, you can get unlimited creative to fuel your ad campaigns and utilise the power of DCO on Facebook.  

*140,000 combinations is the maximum permitted by Facebook’s DCO at this time.