What You Can Do to Unlock More Mobile App Installs

3 Min Read

Everyone has a mobile app these days, and with good reason. They are fantastic resources we get to carry around on our smart devices and access instantly, anytime and anywhere.

However, because everyone has one (there are over 1.6 million in the Google Play store and 1.5 million in Apple’s App store), getting customers to download yours can be a difficult task – even when it’s free. The average consumer uses only 27 apps per month, so how do you make it on that coveted list? Here are some effective ways to drive mobile app installs.


Email Marketing

Email has long been known as the channel that drives the most revenue and engagement, even in the hyperconnected world of social media platforms. It’s personal, direct, short-form and entirely customizable – and people young and old are familiar with it. Now email has an added power because people read about 70% of all emails on their mobile devices. This means you can create a direct link between your user’s inbox and your app. The easier you make it to install an app, the more success you will have. The best way to do it is the same way you would send out a typical newsletter – you have something great to offer and you want to let them know about it. Only don’t include the offer or content in the email itself. Gush about how great it is and then direct users to download your mobile app in order to have access to it. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Your Website

The first place to start is your website. Your customers are already visiting your site due to organic search, SEO and direct traffic. But over 50 percent of the time, users are visiting on a mobile site. This means you should set up your mobile website to drive users to your mobile app. Although most websites don’t do this, directing users right to your app can be a huge source of potential app installs. Journeys, and other tools like it, use smart display ads and customized targeting to significantly boost the number of users who install your app. Plus, any improvements you make to your mobile site will help to improve metrics on it as well.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are a wise investment because you can create digital campaigns that run on both platforms (they may just need a little sizing customization). Most people who are using them are on their devices and both platforms present a clean, easily digestible interface so your ads actually stand a chance of getting seen. Here are a few tips to boost the likelihood of scoring an install:

• Mobile Placement: Make it super easy for users to download your app – it shouldn’t take more than one click. Put all of your focus for placements on the mobile newsfeed and audience network ads, which only mobile users see. Instagram pretty much already has this covered, as almost 100 percent of users will already be on mobile.

• Use a Picture of a Phone: Sometimes marketing is so simple! Facebook itself recommends using an image or video that features a mobile phone because it triggers an understanding that the ad is for a mobile app.

• Specify Devices: Android or Apple? This is simple but many companies don’t consider the fact that their app only works on one or the other when they are pushing for downloads. Another helpful tip is to target only users who are on Wi-Fi, which decreases the likelihood of people using their data to download apps.

• Customize Audiences: Both platforms let you hyper-focus the audience you want to target based on a variety of demographics. If you target customers who are following you or have purchased from you before, you can then run other “lookalike” audience campaigns to find new customers who fit the same profile.

Incentivize App Installs

Offering incentives and referrals are a great way to boost the adoption of mobile apps. Figure out a compelling deal to offer your target audience, whether it’s a 20 percent discount after a purchase within the mobile app, a free how-to-guide for downloading, or a percentage off for referring a certain number of friends or family members. Advertise these on banner ads on your site and loyal users will see how they can get rewarded. After all, your loyal users are the ones who view 286 percent more products and purchase 23 percent more than someone shopping on the mobile web, so you should be able to achieve a high Return on Investment (ROI) without any problem.

Getting customers to download your app can be a tricky business. But putting a little time and effort into marketing yours can significantly increase install rates. Your goal should be to get users excited about using your app and make it super easy for them to access it and install it. Now that mobile is such a huge part of human life, it’s time to begin putting these tactics to work to drive mobile app installations and increase your conversion rates.