Localising Creative For The Japanese Market 2020

A guide to catering your digital ads to Japanese mobile gamers

Japan consistently ranks among the “Big Spenders” of the App Economy, accounting for nearly a third of global app revenues in 2019. An estimate of 11 million feature phone users will move to smartphones in 2020. Thus, potential for revenue is high in Japan, and mobile is set to grow further.

The Japanese gamer has many unique characteristics. It is important to familiarise with this audience to deliver personalised and effective messaging in your ad creative.

Download our guide Localising Creative For The Japanese Market 2020 to better understand the Japanese mobile gaming landscape, and to learn how to culturally contextualise your ad creatives for effective performance.

Localising Creative For The Japanese Market is based off analysis of evolving trends, with data provided from our partners at Google and our Japanese design hub

Highlights of the insights included in our guide:

  • An Introduction To The Japanese Market
  • The Japanese Mobile Gamer & Gamer Motivations
  • Why Now: Launching in Japan
  • How to Localise for Japan: A Checklist & Examples
  • Sample Case Study: Existing Ads

App data included is backed by various reports from Statista, AdColony, Liftoff and AppAnnie to give our readers better context into the overall gaming landscape.